Marc said...

Great pics, Ray! Thanks for sharing with us.
Are you going to perform Clark Kent/Superman soon? If I were the director, I'd choose you to be the "Man of Steel", not Brandon Routh (and he's a great choice for the role, in my opinion). But the better choice would be Ray, the Hunk...
I mean, when I look at you I do believe that you're able to do lots of things "normal" men couldn't.
In addiction to that, you look like the "Man of Steel", Ray! I'm sure you're strong enough to lift whatever you want!!
Keep posting, and congratulations for you great and beautiful phisique.
Marc - from Brazil
(excuse my English mistakes, please)

Neil said...

Ray you are such a big, handsome, ripped studboy, never fail to impress!

LUCIEN said...

Great physique of course -
But RAY god those are beautiful posing trunks - custom designed ??